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Tile roofs in Cibolo, TX have a distinct look and style. They are great for homeowners who want to embrace a Spanish-style look. Of course, even with the aesthetics aside, tile roofs can be a great option for homeowners. Like other roofing options, these tile roofs have both plusses and minuses. Keep reading the see if a tile roof in Cibolo, TX is the right choice for your home.

The Pros
Tile roofs are quite striking. They have a distinct look and can add big time value to a home – if the style fits with the rest of your home. Tiles have a very long life span, which makes them a great investment for your home. Some manufacturers estimate a life of over 50 years! Plus, tile roofing provides a fire-proof and rot-resistant protection above your head.

The Cons:
There are also a few cons to owning a tile roof in Cibolo, TX. First, tiles are quite heavy and usually require a reinforced roof to support the extra weight. The tiles themselves are fragile – it’s best to avoid walking on your roof. You could damage the tiles. Additionally, while your tiles will last for a significant time, the material they lay on needs to be performed every 20 years. Finally, tile roofs in Cibolo, TX can be expensive compared to other options. However, this con can be outweighed with the long lifespan of the tiles!

If you think a tile roof in Cibolo, TX is right for you and your home, call today to make an appointment with our team. We would love to quote you a price on the upgrade!

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