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Feel like there is just never enough space in your garage for your car? Or don’t have a garage on your property? Either way, Tinsley Roofing might just have the perfect solution for you. Our detached garages in Cibolo, TX are providing homeowners the storage space and protection they’re looking for. Here’s what a detached garage could give you.

1. Protection from the elements.
For one of your most expensive assets – your car! A detached garage can provide your vehicle with protection from the elements, including water, wind, hail and sun. All of these elements can damage and fade the paint on your vehicle – a costly repair that you’d like to avoid. Our detached garages in Cibolo, TX will keep your car protected!

2. Storage space.
We could all use a little extra space. Even if you have a garage, transforming the space into a workshop, home gym, or storage space can really help out! Our detached garages in Cibolo, TX allows you to use your garage for anything you might need, while still keeping your vehicle protected. This solution could be exactly what you need.

3. A seamless design.
The worst thing about detached garages? When they don’t match the décor, look, or feel of a home. This can transform a functional add-on into a major eye sore. You don’t want that! Our detached garages in Cibolo, TX will be seamlessly integrated into the look of your home. We can even match the roofing to your home, or metals to your gutters.

Tinsley Roofing is happy to discuss adding a detached garage while our team is performing updates to your roof. You’ll soon be wondering how you ever lived without your detached garage in Cibolo, TX!

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