Did you know that Tinsley can assist with other projects while we are working on your roofing project? One such project could a be a brand new car port! Ask about our car ports in San Antonio, TX – and keep reading for all of the benefits of these structures.

All Kinds of Safety
Car ports keep your vehicle safe from weather including damaging rain, sun, snow, or hail. Especially if you have a car port in San Antonio with sides. They can also keep you safe – by limiting the time you are alone when walking from your car. Parking closer to your front door could be safer than parking in the street. Lastly, car ports also provide added protection for your vehicle. Criminals may be less inclined to approach a cover car that is located near the home, this might just be all the deterrent that they need.

Added Space
Our Tinsley car ports in San Antonio, TX can give you the space you need. You can use the car port for additional vehicle storage if needed and use the shaded area for relaxing or playing with small children. Plus, a carport can free up your garage for more storage. Additionally, you can use an enclosed car port as a shed or storage unit. If your home does not have a garage, a car port could also add value to your San Antonio home.

Feel free to contact Tinsley Roofing to talk about adding car ports in San Antonio, TX to your current roofing project. We’re here to help you with all of your needed home improvement projects – let’s go!

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